Each year we hold a two-day seminar/workshop for Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats owners called “Points North”. The seminar covers many topics pertinent to cruising Desolation Sound and other “Points North”. This year’s seminar was held at Elliott Bay Brewing in Lake City, WA. There were about 90 customers and 10 factory representatives in attendance.

Captain Mac was our fearless leader again this year and he did not disappoint. Mac shared an extremely informative presentation that covered clearing customs, anchoring, tides, currents, outfitting, storage, stern tying, safety, Dodd Narrows and much more. He also brought a truckload of books, charts, guides, and videos to share with the eager attendees.

The Points North Seminar is not just for Northwesterners, we have many customers that travel here for this seminar. It’s a great event to attend if you are participating in our Factory Delivery program, planning on cruising your Ranger Tug or Cutwater Boat to Canada or Alaska for the first time or if you just want a refresher course before you head North for the Summer.

For information on Points North 2016 please contact sambisset@rangertugs.com

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