Our 2nd annual Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats cruise to Poets Cove went off without a hitch. We filled the docks of the beautiful Canadian resort with over 40 boats. Our factory cruise to Poets Cove is a perfect opportunity to try out some the skills that you picked up during our Points North Seminar. Specifically, clearing customs!

Poets Cove is just North of the Canadian border on South Pender Island. Customers had the opportunity to cruise up as a group from Anacortes, WA as Customer Service Manager; Andrew Custis led a flotilla that left early Thursday morning. It’s a pretty short trip through the San Juan Islands to Poets Cove so it serves perfectly as a beginners cruise or as a pre-season shakedown cruise.

By the time the dock crew and customer service team had everyone secured to the dock it was almost time for the first happy hour get-together. Everyone brought their own appetizer and favorite beverage to the party barge. It was a great time to meet new Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats owners as well as catch up with old friends from previous cruises and events. The weather was beautiful the entire weekend and it felt great to be out cruising again!

The Poets Cove trip is a pretty low-key event. The weekend consisted of two happy hours on the dock (Fri & Sat), a blindfolded dinghy race which ended with a few folks in the water, a delicious bbq dinner provided by Port Boat House, a factory supported bingo game with some great prizes, and LOTS of laughs. We love this cruise because it’s perfect for getting to know our new owners and catching up with our friends that we haven’t seen since the big rendezvous!

For information on our 2016 Poets Cove Cruise please contact sambisset@rangertugs.com

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