Wow! What an amazing event! We just got back and unpacked from another successful, record-breaking Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats Rendezvous. The weather forecast was questionable for the first couple of days but the 250+ people that came despite the forecast were rewarded for their efforts with two absolutely beautiful fall days. Roche Harbor Marina was beautiful, friendly, and fun as always and we have a new class of winners to announce from our annual competitions.

For those of you who don’t know, the Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats Rendezvous has been held at Roche Harbor Resort and Marina on San Juan Island for the last two years. Our rendezvous is not only Roche Harbor Marina’s largest event of the year, it’s actually the largest rendezvous on the West Coast and it continues to grow each year! The entire guest dock at Roche Harbor is reserved for us and we have filled it up with over 120 boats both years.

This year Volvo hosted two engine seminars covering basic maintenance on D3 and D4/D6 engines as well as two lengthy Q&A sessions. We’ve had nothing but rave reviews on the great job that Volvo did. Immediately following Thursday’s seminars we had the Official Welcome Party across from the docks on Ship Wreck Beach. The rain tried to scare us away but once it saw that we came prepared it decided to leave and find someone else to bother. The mood and food were great and we even got a special trumpet surprise from Cutwater owner Doug (watch the video), thanks Doug!

Friday had a packed schedule that kicked-off at 10am with a world-class salmon fishing seminar taught by Silver Horde Pro and Puget Sound Angler, Kevin Klein. Kevin and his wife Vicki spent an hour sharing a ton of priceless knowledge about Salmon fishing in Puget Sound as well as fishing as a couple. Immediately following the seminar, several boats followed Kevin out around the West side of San Juan Island to test his advice.

There was mist in the air as the blindfolded dinghy race kicked off at high noon. Although we didn’t have as many contenders as last year, the competition was much closer this year. In the end, it was Pat and Sharon from Safari who will have their names added to the plaque. The good news is that no one ended up in the water this time (see Poets Cove blog post)! The Roche Harbor poker run was also on Friday as well as a delicious NOLA-inspired “Mardi Gras Celebration” dinner prepared by Roche Harbor Resort and sponsored by none other than Garmin. Garmin also gave away four Vivofit 2 wristbands as prizes for the poker run.

Saturday’s schedule was lighter than Friday’s with only the cornhole championships, final fishing derby weigh-in, the group photo, a happy hour party at the bocce ball courts, and another delicious NOLA-themed dinner, “A Night in the French Quarter” prepared by Roche Harbor and sponsored by Volvo Penta. We should mention that it was Pat and Sharon from Safari that also won the cornhole championship! They will definitely have their work cut out for them defending both of those titles next year.

Overall, it was a great event and we couldn’t be happier to see it keep growing. We want to thank our customers and our many sponsors for making this event happen. Without the support of all of our partners and sponsors we could not make this event happen. Thank you and see you at the 2016 Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats Factory Rendezvous!

For information on the 2016 Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats Factory Rendezvous please contact sambisset@rangertugs.com

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