WOW! What an event! Thank you to all 400+ of you that joined us for the 2017 Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats Factory Rendezvous at Roche Harbor. We had several days of great friends, amazing meals, fun games, and camaraderie. The weather wasn't always perfect but as anyone who has spent time in the Pacific Northwest knows; it could have been much worse. Most of us didn't mind since we really needed the rain. We spent first day of the rendezvous in a haze of smoke from the nearby wildfires.

Over the course of three days we had engine seminars from Yamaha and Volvo Penta. Garmin hosted a seminar as well as the USCG AUX, San Juan Island detachment. We had a crabbing seminar and derby, a fishing derby, a blindfolded dinghy race, a scavenger hunt, a multi-day cornhole tournament, a live steel drum band, a photo booth, several happy hour events, and two delicious dinners.

Chef Bill Shaw and his team did a fantastic job preparing and serving two massive dinners (over 450 ppl at each). Harbormaster Kevin Carlton and his team got us all on the dock with ease, and Alyssa Ostenrude and her events team were on hand the entire time to make sure we were all happy and comfortable.

Our best count of boats on the dock was about 180. We know that there were several no-shows, probably due to the weather. This is a special event and we are thankful to our many sponsors for contributing financially as well as donating prizes. Without their participation, we could never pull it off.

Most of all, we are thankful to our wonderful customers for joining us to celebrate this community that we have built together. We are seeing a lot of new faces each year and we love it! We also had more kids than ever this year. These are exciting times and we are grateful to be sharing them with you.

Here are pdf's of the daily newsletter that went out during the rendezvous:

Thank you!

- Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats

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